Application Maintenance Services

Dicetek delivers improved application support through a well-defined and transparent application maintenance process covering:

Corrective MaintenanceDicetek - Application Maintenance Services

  • Identify and remove defects
  • Correct actual errors

Perfective Maintenance

  • Improve performance, dependability, maintainability
  • Add new functionality

Adaptive Maintenance

  • Adapt to a new/upgraded environment
    (e.g., hardware, operating system, middleware)

Preventive Maintenance

  • Identify and detect latent faults
  • Systems with safety concerns

Emergency Maintenance

  • Unscheduled corrective maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

  • Identify and remove defects
  • Correct actual errors

Our Maintenance process achieves the following objectives:

  • Define the impact of organization, operations, and interfaces on the existing system in operation
  • Identify and update appropriate life cycle data
  • Develop  modified  system components with  associated  documentation  and tests that demonstrate that the system requirements are not compromised
  • Migrate system and software upgrades to the user’s environment
  • Ensure fielding of new systems or versions does not adversely affect ongoing operations
  • Maintain the capability to continue processing with prior versions