Application Development

Dicetek - Application Development ServicesConsidering today’s business challenges, it is important to understand the customer’s  vision and meet the overall objectives  by creating a dynamic series of short development cycles. This not only  helps to meet the changing user needs but also avoids cost escalation, delays, and unnecessary complexity. We deploy a multipronged strategy to address quality issues in large and complex software such as enterprise applications.

The components of the proven Robust Software Development Process are :

  • A   steadfast  development  process  that  can  provide interaction   with users by  identifying their  spoken and  unspoken  requirements throughout the software life-cycle.
  • Provision for  feedback and iteration  between  two  or  more development stages as needed.
  • An  instrument  to optimize design  for  reliability, cost, and cycle  time at once   at upstream stages. This particular  activity that addresses software product robustness  is one of the unique features of the process.
  • Opportunity for an early return on investment that incremental development methods provide.
  • Step-wise  development  to  build  an  application  as  needed  and to provide adequate documentation.
  • Provision for risk analyses at various stages.
  • Capability to support object-oriented development.