CMS – Central Marketing System

Dicetek - CMS - Central Marketing System

A web based solution designed to manage complete hospitality activities, with the modules include:

  • Reservation System
  • Global Account Management
  • Web Management System
  • Loyalty Management System

Centralized Reservation System (CRS), is a web based unique room reservation system facilitates the hotels, agents and guests in getting their rooms booked in few simple clicks just by selecting the location, date and confirming by giving necessary details. Online confirmation is provided instantaneously to the guest and email to the hotel, guest is sent automatically. CRS is designed to work with multi language (provided the necessary column names are entered in the database), with the base language as English.

Main Functions

Room Reservation

  • Room availability checks
  • Reservations Entry
  • Confirmation
  • Revision & Cancellation


  • Customizable Rates
  • Special rates for week ends
  • Special days
  • Corporate rates
  • Protecting corporate rates for public


  • Confirmation by email to Guests
  • Real time connection with hotel’s web pages
  • Printing

Multi Lingual

  • System can be configured with Simplified Chinese as the base Language also


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