Dicetek - JAVA servicesJavaEE Technologies

Dicetek leverages the increasingly rich set of JavaEE based solutions, APIs to develop  and  deploy  scalable, multi-tiered solutions. We provide cost effective business  solutions,   with   specialization  in   Application  integration,   Portal solutions  and  implementation of Open  source  based  business  intelligence solution.

Our  expertise  includes  Enterprise  Application  Integration, Support of legacy applications   and   industry    standard    application   servers  including   IBM WebSphere,  Oracle Web Logic,  Red Hat,  JBOSS. The  various  development services cover:

Web-based Application Development

  • DTWF (Dicetek Web Framework)
  • JBOSS portal based solution
  • JSF based Web Framework

Middleware Component Development

Dicetek  has  experience  in  the  development  of  JCA  ( JavaEE  Connector
Architecture) based  Resource Adaptors, implementation of Message-Oriented
Middleware and Service-Oriented Architecture using industries open-standards-
based components. Our implementation are based on Apache Camel & JBoss

Open-Source Solutions

Dicetek  has  the  expertise  in  providing  high  performance,  cost  effective
solutions  using  Open-Source frameworks.Our solutions are based on :

  • Spring Web Flow
  • Hibernate
  • TopLink
  • MySQL
  • Maven
  • Ant
  • Struts
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • MyFaces
  • YUI

JME Technologies

Dicetek  provides  mobile  based  solutions on Brew, Symbian and Blackberry
platforms using JME providing a robust, flexible  environment  for  applications
running  on  mobile  and  other  embedded  devices—mobile phones, personal
digital assistants (PDAs).