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Dicetek is a global IT Solutions Provider with Headquarters in Singapore and regional offices in Chennai (India), Dubai (UAE) and Chicago (USA). Dicetek’s parent company namely Aurum Soft Systems Ltd is a leading provider of enterprise applications and flexible IT solutions and is listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Dicetek offers business solutions for a wide range of industries by bringing innovative ideas and cutting edge technologiesDicetek is currently servicing over 200 clients worldwide and has a strong team of 500+ technical consultants working on various project assignments across the globe.

Dicetek’s  product   solutions   spans   across  the  verticals  on  IT  Professional Services, Job Portals and Hospitality Industry.

The  software  development  centres  in  Singapore, Chennai and Dubai are well equipped to address complex technology & business requirements and cater to the entire software development life cycle.